Unfortunately for the broader community of Kurraba Point, we have encountered a ‘small’ community group that is trying to block our Development Application (DA). Whilst we totally respect the right for residents to ‘Have their Say’ regarding our DA, we just want to ensure they are basing their say on the correct information when trying to rally public support.

Some of the concerns raised by the residents are not accurate or can be easily addressed however disappointingly we have been made aware of a number of misleading statements that are causing anxieties for the community and this is something we wanted to resolve and ensure the community area aware of a number of key reasons to support our DA when getting reviewed by council.


There are a large number of reasons to support our Development Application and if you want to support us, we have outlined how below.

Quite simply if you or a family member live in the area or even if you just love Kurraba Point and want to see it remain one of the best areas of Sydney to live in, we simply need you to fill in the below form with your contact details and one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss how you can support us in more detail:

If you look at our application in its entirety (The way we have gone about community consultation, its urban design, sympathetic height, significant landscaping, investments in more off street parking etc.), hopefully you too can see that we are trying our best to take all these elements, work with North Sydney Council & combine them into some beautiful for all the residents of Kurraba Point.

    1. What are the approved construction hours?

    Thirdi have proposed to further restrict our hours of work, beyond those typically imposed by council. We have done this in response to community feedback regarding the construction process and this will serve to reduce the impact of construction works for the community.

    Our proposed work hours for the site are as follows:
    Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm
    Saturdays: 8am to 1pm
    Sundays and Public Holidays: No Construction activity

    Additional Voluntary Proposed Restrictions
    Demolition and Excavation Works
    Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm only
    Saturdays: No Demolition or Excavation Works
    Sundays and Public Holidays: No Construction activities.

    Activities Generating Noise Levels Greater Than 75dB(A)
    Monday to Friday: 8am – 12pm & 2pm – 5pm only

    These additional restrictions have been proposed to minimise construction impacts on the surrounding community, particularly during the higher impact stages of demolition and excavation.

    2. If I have an issue during construction, how do I report this or talk to someone about it?

    During construction we will be issuing a regular newsletter which will provide the community with key information relevant to the upcoming construction works.

    Both Thirdi and the builder, will have a 24hr contact available for the project which will be displayed on the sites entrance. We will also be establishing a community construction committee which will comprise of Thirdi, the builder and interested members of the community.

    We will propose this committee meet monthly to discuss upcoming works and also address any concerns or issues the community are experiencing.

    If you have any questions or concerns please call one of our project managers:

    Wallace Bruderlin | 0403 460 913 |

    Hayden Clarke | 0438 147 113 |

    Joe Gittany | 0410 581 855 |

    3. How will Thirdi manage the excavation and protect cliff stability and neighbouring properties?

    We will be conducting dilapidations for all immediate neighbours and property will also extend all dilapidation surveys to others at reasonable request.

    We have engaged the same Geotechnical Engineer as council has engaged for the rectification and stabilisation of the below cliff in Kurraba reserve. This was done to ensure quality, independent and transparent management of the adjacent cliff and its stability. We note, council have now rectified the below Kurraba Reserve cliff face and we will be working with the project team and council to ensure our proposed excavation does not compromise the cliff stability.

    Throughout construction we will be employing reduced impact construction techniques, such as rock sawing instead of hammering. This will reduce vibration and reduce potential impacts to neighbouring properties. We will also utilise vibration monitoring and survey control points to monitor movement throughout the entire demolition, excavation and structure phases of construction.

    4. How will construction noise be managed?

    The emission of noise from the construction site will be managed in accordance with the EPA Noise Control Guideline for Construction and Demolition Activities.

    A construction noise and vibration management plan (CNVP), will be prepared as part of the construction certificate approval process. The CNVP will be prepared with council and include measures to monitor and maintain the construction noise management levels (NMLs) as set out in Noise Impact Assessment report by Acoustic Logic that accompanies this project application.

    Noise levels at the site boundaries will continually be monitored using noise monitors, logged and rectification measures initiated if required.

    Other control measures:

    1. Reduced hours of work to reduce noise impact. Particularly during times when people will most likely be home. I.e. Saturdays.
    2. Construction techniques employed such as rock sawing instead of hammering, will serve to reduce noise produced during excavation.
    3. Acoustic barriers will be established around the perimeter of the site to attenuate noise emitted from the site.
    4. Sealing neighbouring windows: Thirdi Group has committed to retrofitting adhesive window seals to the existing windows of adjacent neighbouring buildings overlooking the site, at the request of the owners. This will seal the existing windows and significantly reduce the impact of construction noise on these properties.

     The windows treated with this offer will still be fully operable.

    5. How will construction dust be managed?

    Dust from the works is to be dampened and contained within the site, as a minimum standard in accordance with OH&S and Workcover requirements.

    Particular attention will be paid to the prevention of dust migration to adjacent properties and footpaths, by providing shade cloths and plywood sheeting to fences and hoardings. In addition, all demolition and hardstand areas will be hosed down on an ongoing basis to prevent dust to be carried past the hoardings.

    The latest dust mitigation technologies be employed for the work and will include a site perimeter water spray system during the excavation works, which will dampen the dust on excavation surfaces. Localised water hosing will also be applied at the face of the excavation works and specialised misting cannons will be employed to control dust at the point of excavation.

    Other control measures:

    1. Air monitoring to detect dust levels above allowable control which will trigger further controls.
    2. Regular road cleaning.
    3. Sealing of neighbour’s windows.

    Thirdi Group are committed to retrofitting adhesive window seals to the existing windows of adjacent neighbouring buildings overlooking the site at the request of the owners, to help seal the existing windows and prevent the impact of dust on these properties.

    Note: That the windows treated with this offer will still be fully operable.

    6. How will Thirdi manage Truck Movements during construction?

    In order to reduce the impact of construction traffic, Thirdi will be employing the following control measures:

    • Reduced sized trucks will be used in order to assist with traffic flow on Kurraba Road. A maximum truck size of an 8.8m medium rigid truck will be used.
    • Thirdi have investigated the option of using a barge from Kurraba Reserve to manage construction materials and reduce truck movement on Kurraba Road. This option was investigated in a meeting with the Council, Kurraba Residents Steering Committee and the Thirdi development team and it was agreed that material handling through the reserve was not an option due to the physical and environmental constraints associated with this option.
    • Truck movements will also be conducted outside of peak congestion periods. i.e. after morning peak times and cease prior to evening peak times.

    no truck movements on weekends during demolition and excavation.

    At peak we anticipate up to 5 trucks per hour servicing the site. At no point will trucks be queuing in the area. Trucks will be managed and called in by a designated traffic controller who will work to reduce congestion in the area.

    7. How will the site be set up to minimise construction impacts?

    The site will be set up in line with council requirements and statutory regulation. The site will be set up to include the following key elements:

    • Site perimeter fencing and hoarding to ensure site security and protection of pedestrians


    Please note: Above example of typical site hoardings.

    • Site amenities including first aid shed, site office, ablution facilities, lunch sheds and tool storage.
    • Site security facilities
    • Temporary driveways, road crossovers and
    • Temporary work zone to allow deliveries and truck movements while maintaining traffic flows along Kurraba Road
    • 24/7 emergency vehicle access along Kurraba Road
    • Hoisting equipment and crane
    • Scaffolding, platforms, barriers, handrails,
    • Waste sorting areas
    • First Aid facilities,



    8. How will the projects work zone be managed?

    We will be applying for a temporary work zone to facilitate the works which will be positioned directly out the front of the development on Kurraba Road opposite Hodgsons Lookout Park, at approximately 20m in length.

    This work zone will have no further impact on current parking availability, due to the removal of existing sites residents’ cars which are currently parking in this position. (Approximately 17+ cars rely on this street parking from the current buildings).

    See below indicative site establishment plan:

    Please note: This file is available for download, in the download section of this website.

    This will ensure that construction vehicles such as delivery and demolition trucks have a clear space to park without blocking the street and the flow of traffic, including emergency services access at all times. The proposed zone will be returned to a public use parking zone outside of work zones i.e. at night times when residents require the parking.

    Traffic control will be employed to manage the work zone to ensure traffic flows are maintained and construction impact is reduced as much as possible.

    9. How long will construction be?

    If approved by council, we estimate the following construction timeframes:

    • Demolition & Excavation: 4 – 6 Months
    • Structure: 7 – 9 months
    • All other works: 9 months
    • Total estimated project Duration: 20 Months

    Please Note:
    The various phases of work will be conducted concurrently with some overlap. These durations will be heavily impacted and subject to change due to restrictions imposed around truck movements, hours of works, final design, work zone & Construction Traffic Management Plan approval.

    Please refer to project timeline within this website for latest project milestone timings.

    10. How many construction workers will be on site?

    Please call Thirdi Group on 02 9409 7200 if you have further questions about this answer.

    The number of workers on site will vary throughout the different construction stages.

    As construction work is in stages (demolition, retention, structure etc), there is not usually a large number of separate trades on site at once.

    At peak times of construction, in any of the stages, it is estimated that between maximum of 20-30 tradesmen on site.

    Thirdi Group’s project delivery team will be on site regularly to ensure our building partners are delivering the site safely and as per the guidelines we have agreed with council.

    11. How will hazardous materials be managed?

    Prior to the contractor being appointed, a detailed investigation of the existing site will be carried out to further investigate any contamination in the soil and identify hazardous materials in the existing buildings.

    Example image of contractors removing asbestos. This is not a picture from the Kurraba Point site.

    A HAZMAT survey will be conducted by a qualified expert hygienist and samples will be taken and analysed. Following this, a report will be produced and contain recommendations for the removal procedures of any identified materials.

    The contractor will be responsible for the control and decontamination of hazardous substances. The management of any hazardous materials encountered on site will be undertaken in accordance with statutory requirements. All removal of hazardous materials will be done so by specialised and licensed contractors.

    Hazardous materials will be continually monitored and reassessed throughout construction to ensure any hazardous materials are controlled and removed in a safe manner and in accordance with the respective legislation. Dust control measure and air monitoring will be continually in use during demolition and excavation phases which will be used to trigger additional control measures should hazardous materials be detected.

    12. Will the large fig tree on site adjacent to Kurraba Road remain?


    The large Hills Weeping Fig adjacent to Kurraba reserve and Kurraba road will be retained and protected as required by the project’s arborist for the duration of construction.

    During construction, the projects arborist will regularly monitor the trees, the protection controls and the overall health of the retained trees.

    Existing neighbouring trees, such as those in Kurraba reserve, will also be retained and protected.